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1. Tarot reading service offered by DIANGELO LLC 0911 699 2010 Caller cost: £1.53 per minute VAT included from BT phones (plus network extras). Other Networks (fixed and mobile) may charge a higher cost. Maximum time of communication: 19min. Callers must be 18 years old or over and have the bill payers permission. All calls are recorded All details of the calls will appear in the phone bill. P.O. Box 50285 London EC3P 3WY Helpdesk Number: 0203 3623099

2. Caller cost: $3.03/min GTS inc. Mobile and payphones can charge a higher cost. Maximum communication time: 30 min. The service is only for people over 18. You must have the bill payer's permission. Service offered by Di Angelo

3. Caller cost 4,59 NZD/min, GST incl. Please call only if you are over 18 and have the bill payer's permission to make the call.

If I’m not available for you personally, please don’t worry. There are many other colleagues on this line who do psychic and tarot reading with me and are as competent as I am.

Let’s open up the doors to your destiny together

Psychic Readings by Ayeshah

Hello and welcome to my website,

I am Ayeshah. I am a psychic clairvoyant and a tarot reader, and I have always used my gift to help those who sought my advice.

I know that you haven’t got here by accident, there is something that is bothering you. It may be that your relationship is going through a difficult phase, that you are tired of looking for your soul-mate with no result, that you have doubts about your professional situation or that you are worried about the future.

Whatever your problem may be, I am here to help you, like I have helped others, before. For a detailed telephone reading, you can reach me at 0911 699 2010(1) (for the UK).

If you would like to receive a free and quick reading, you can ask me a question, click on the three tarot cards on the right, and I will send you the reading by e-mail, completely free of charge. Like this, you can get the answer to one of your most burning questions and you can also test my gift and see that my predictions are accurate.

Make your draw and see what the tarot cards reveal.

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Psychic calls and e-mail readings for entertainment purposes only. Over 18s only. The information we’re requesting is necessary for us to send you the answer to your question via e-mail, without entailing any cost to you, and to send you newsletters or product and complementary services offerings. Caller cost: £1.53 per minute VAT included from BT phones (plus network extras). Other Networks (fixed and mobile) may charge a higher cost. Maximum time of communication: 19min. Other networks may vary. Over 18s only, with billpayer's permission) or from Australia at 1 902 251 300 (Calls cost $3.03/min GTS inc. from landlines. Other networks may vary. From New Zealand: 0900 55 555 (Caller cost 4,59 NZD/min, GST included). Over 18s only, with billpayer's permission). You must be over 18 to make the call and have the bill payer’s permission. Tarot service offered by Diangelo INC. For any questions, you can contact us at
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